How to buy a firearm online 

online online gun sales

Step 1)

Choose a firearm on our website:  Just pick out the firearm you would like to buy in our store.  Before making a handgun purchase check state handgun rosters to make sure the firearm is legal in your state.  If you would like assistance in choosing a firearm please use our contact form below or email us at and let us help you.

Step 2) 

Add it to your cart, and check out with your own address:  Add it to your cart, and then check out, specifying your own shipping address during the process.  Order confirmation will be sent to you once checkout is completed.

Step 3) 

Locate an FFL dealer near you:  Locate a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer near you that will accept the transfer of the firearm for you. This can be your local Gun Shop, Gun Range, or Pawn Shop, that holds a current FFL license and will process your transfer. If you don’t already have a dealer to process the transfer use a FFL Locator for a list of FFL dealers near you. Select the FFL you would like your firearm shipped to during checkout.  If you need assistance in locating a current FFL dealer let us help you.  Use our contact form below or email us at

Step 4)  

We ship your firearm to your dealer's address:  Once you choose an FFL holder and we receive the dealer's information, we will ship the firearm to their mailing address.  Handguns will be shipped FedEx two day air and long guns sent UPS or FedEx ground.  A tracking number will be provided to your dealer and you once the firearm is on its way.    

Step 5) 

You pick up your firearm at your dealer:  Upon delivery to your chosen FFL holder, you will complete the background check at your dealer's place of business. Once the firearm is ready to be picked up at your FFL, inspect the firearm to make sure it is exactly what you ordered.

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